Biz: Use a standard lease form?


Using a standard lease agreement seems like a great way to save time and money–perhaps even to get you to the beach a bit quicker.  They vary in quality, from the one-pager to the type that may be provided by a real estate broker.

Whether one is right for you largely is a question of how much you have at stake.  Are you renting a storage shed or tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of commercial space?  As well, some leases are written to favor the landlord, others the tenant.  Which is it for the standard form you have been given?

The biggest question may be not what the boilerplate provisions say, but the special provisions you and the other side want to add.  That’s where spending $500 or $1,000 on an attorney up-front can save you thousands of dollars in later litigation.  An attorney can make sure what the parties think they are saying is likely to be what a court would conclude they were saying.  If you have a question or concern about a lease for a Texas business or non-profit, get in touch with us.