Hiring an attorney is rarely an inexpensive undertaking, but the firm understands the importance to clients of avoiding unreasonable fees and expenses. Our rates take into account factors such as that David first was licensed in 1989 and has a international practice, having represented clients from south Texas to the northern border, from Alaska to Washington, D.C, and Italy to England. See the attorney pages for further information.

A pre-paid discount of 20% applies to hourly rates when the client has funds in his or her trust account or has a credit/debit card or checking account on file to bill as invoices are issued. For example, work is billed at the pre-paid rate for so long as the initial deposit to trust is available to bill against.

For Texas business cases, David Schleicher’s hourly rate is $260 when applying the pre-paid discount. When that discount is not applicable, the standard rate of $325/hour applies. The paralegal rate is $75/hour when pre-paid, or $93.75/hour when not discounted.

There is no charge for travel time, hotel expenses, or mileage for cases in the Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Waco areas.

If work is required by another of-counsel or local-counsel attorney, it generally will be at his or her standard rate.

Unlike some firms, we do not charge clients for individual expenses unless they are over $50, and we do not charge for in-house photocopying or faxing. For example, if a FedEx® shipment related to your case is sent for a charge of $50 or less, that cost will not be passed along to you. Ask to see our standard contract for more details about how we bill and what we charge, as the terms there control over the summary being provided here.

Clients are required to make an up-front deposit, to apply against future work at the applicable hourly rate and expenses. The deposit for most cases is $5,000, or for when a suit already has been filed, $10,000. Any funds left in the trust account at the conclusion of representation, after deduction for any final amounts owed to the firm, are refunded to the client. That is, unless specifically agreed to the contrary, you will not be charged a non-refundable retainer. Work alternatively may be done for a flat rate, at attorney discretion.

Deposits and invoice payments may be made by credit card, debit card, check (generally processed electronically), money order/cashier’s check, or by ACH debit of your checking account.